Audio: Fabric Tightly Woven

Rev. Brent Porterfield talks about the woven fabric of the Memphis conference outreach ministries.

Fabric tightly woven

The fabric of the church is the weaving of its people.  Not many conferences ago the theme was weaving together the family of God.  And we’ve continued to do that through conferences that had different themes and expressed different images of our worship and work together.  As the agencies of the Memphis Conference of the United Methodist Church we depend on the weaving together of many threads.  We depend on people who bring skills to teach and willingness to learn.  We depend on people who trust enough to give gifts that others will deploy and use.  We depend on the patience and participation of those that will serve others and others that come to be served.  And sometimes we forget how tightly the fabric of our church is woven.  From the families that are guided through the process of adoption through Hannah’s Hope, to the families that see children develop and prosper in the environments of child development at Reelfoot Rural ministries and United Methodist Neighborhood Centers.  For the children who have adventures and camping and find new friends and discover themselves in the camping experience at Lakeshore  or the youth that learn to participate and lead in the experiences Lakeshore offers. To the young adults on campus that find a place for spiritual centering and resources to choose a vocation as they open all the doors a higher education offers at our campus ministries.  Growing and maturing in local churches people draw on the shared weaving and woven experiences of participating in the work of mission and ministry.  Our senior members have the longest frame of experience. They have been at the loom the longest and from Wesley Senior Housing or Goldencross moments they remind us we are a fabric with many patterns and places of many textures and colors.  Just look around and see how tightly we are woven and how marvelously we come together.

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