About us


We are committed to enhancing the physical and spiritual lives of individuals and families by bringing together churches and neighbors to provide child care, spiritual development, social services and education through Christian love.


A partnership of churches and, neighbors: serving one another in Christian love.


United Methodist Neighborhood Centers of Memphis, Inc. (UMNC) is a private, non-profit corporation that has been providing a variety of services in the city since 1907.  A growing need for child care in the mid-town/medical center area led United Methodist Neighborhood Centers under the leadership of Rev. Mark Matheny to open Miriam Infant and Toddler Center in 1982 in cooperation with Madison Heights United Methodist Church and Mrs. Ruth Fuimer.

“Grandpa Mark”, along with former Site Director, Donna Eddins, began the program with twenty-six children, a few care givers and willing volunteers. Located in two rooms at Madison heights UMC, Miriam Center opened in April of 1982. By October, the enrollment had grown large enough to move part of the program to 17 S. Claybrook.  Later both sites were combined in the Claybrook Building. In 1993, Miriam Center was moved to the current site at 3000 Walnut Grove.

“Quality care for the very young” has been our motto from the onset. Miriam Center’s good reputation is based on an open-door policy for parents and a warm and caring atmosphere. Visitors to the center are met by a dedicated loving staff and happy smiling children. We feel this is only the beginning.


What’s in our name? In the ancient story of Moses, it is his sister, Miriam watched as the Pharaoh’s daughter discovered the infant Moses among the reeds at the edge of the river and decided to adopt him. Miriam then suggested that the princess take on a nurse for the child, and suggested Jochebed, Miriam’s and Moses’ own mother; as a result, Moses was raised to be familiar with his background as a Hebrew and yet understand the Pharaoh’s culture.. (see: Exodus 2:1-10)  In this same way, the “Miriam’s” of our dedicated staff will care for your children.

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